Previous Small Exhibits
"Colonial & Revolutionary War Artifacts Recovered from Goshen: Home of Thomas Person" was an exhibit created by Josh Mangum. Mangum's private collection features cannonballs, dish fragments, and metal items, all dating back to colonial and revolutionary times. The area in which these artifacts were found was the former home of Thomas Person known as Goshen. Today that area is the Berea community of Granville County. In addition to having over 50 artifacts on display, this exhibit was accompanied by panels providing a historical context of Granville County and the life of Thomas Person, a leader of the Regulation, Revolutionary, and Anti-Federalism movements.  

In celebration of Black History Month, the museum staff created the exhibit "When Computers Wore Skirts " to be featured in our small gallery space. This exhibit features three amazing women: Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson, all who made instrumental contributions to NASA's space program. These remarkable women were also the inspiration for the movie "Hidden Figures" 

Granville County has its connection to NASA because of James E. Webb, a former administrator of NASA whose family was from the Tally Ho Oxford area.