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The design for this ornament is from the official logo used to promote the anniversary celebration and created by Mark Pace. Granville County was formed out of Edgecombe County in 1746 and is named after John Carteret, the Second Earl of Granville. Five municipalities compose Granville - including Oxford, Butner, Creedmoor, Stem and Stovall. In 1964, the Granville County flag was the first county flag to be approved by the State of North Carolina. $18

Historic County Ornaments:
Harris Exhibit Hall $8

Originally built in 1946 as a "freezer locker" building, the business operated until 1972. In 1998, the Granville County Historical Society was offered occupancy of this building as an addition to the Granville Museum "old jail" location.
Granville County Museum $7.50

The brick structure originally served as the Granville County Jail after its predecessor burned around 1858. There was a third story which served as the jailer's quarters which was later removed. A new jail was built in 1976 at which time this building was vacated and was converted into the Granville County Museum. The GCHS reopened this museum building in 1996.
Granville County Flag $8

The red flag with the white diamonds was the flag of John Carteret, Earl of Granville. This design was also on the Coat of Arms of Earl Carteret. In 1964, this flag was adopted as the flag of Granville County and was the first county flag to be approved by the State of North Carolina.
Tobacco Barn $7.50

Granville County N.C. has been widely recognized since 1880 for the cultivation of Bright Leaf Tobacco. These vanishing tobacco barns once dominated the landscape of this county.
Camp Butner $10

Memorial statue in Butner, N.C. , dedicated October 7, 2007 as a symbol to the community's sacrifices for the cause of freedom during WWII.
Granville County Courthouse $7.50

Granville County's present
courthouse, completed in 1840, stands at the center of the town of Oxford, N.C. Because of the growth of the county, construction of the fine
Greek Revival was begun in 1838.
Oxford Bicentennial
St. John's College
Brantwood Hospital/Granville Medical Center
John Penn $7.50

John Penn (1740 - 1788)
One of North Carolina's three signers of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Penn, originally from Caroline County, Virginia, moved to Granville County in 1774. He built his home near Stovall, North Carolina.
The Mill at Hill Airy $7.50

This former grist mill was built in 1848 on the plantation owned by Dr. Francis R. Gregory known as Hill Airy in northern Granville County. Constructed out of stone and hand-hewn timbers, the mill had two sets of wheels; one for the corn and the other for flour. It was in operation until 1954 and has recently been restored by the Gregory family.
Oxford City Hall $7.50

The facility was originally built in 1921 as Oxford High School. In 1963 it became Oxford Elementary School and in 1971 was converted to a nine grade school, D. N. Hix. The City of Oxford purchased the building in 1990 and began renovations. It was dedicated as Oxford City Hall in 1993.
Southern Railway Depot Circa 1888 (Silver)
Oxford Henderson Railroad $7.50

The Oxford Henderson Railroad was completed in 1881 and became part of the Southern Railway System in 1894. The photo use for this ornament's design was taken in 1965 by Curt Tillotson at the Oxford Henderson junction. In memory of Curt Tillotson, Jr. (1937 - 2007)
C. G. Credle School $7.50

1911 Colonial Revival style building which is the oldest school building in North Carolina still being used as a school. In 1990, Credle was awarded the National School of Excellence.
Richard H. Thornton Library $7.50

The original Richard H. Thornton Library was dedicated on May 10, 1964. The library was named after the primary benefactor and noted publisher, Dr. Richard H. Thornton whose wife, Nina Horner Cooper, was a native of Oxford, N.C.
St. John's Episcopal Church $8

Built in 1772 as an Anglican parish church, St. John's Episcopal Church, Williamsboro, N.C.(which was originally in Granville County) is the oldest frame church still in use with occasional services and is sponsored by the Diocese of North Carolina.

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