Small Exhibit

"Colonial & Revolutionary War Artifacts Recovered from Goshen: Home of Thomas Person." Created by Josh Mangum. Learn more about one of the "Founders" of Granville County, Thomas Person, as well as learn more about the county's history in the Revolutionary War.
Current Exhibit at Harris Exhibit Hall

"Granville Greats: Footprints in History" features 75 individuals that have made a historic mark, at either the local, state, national or international level. What we considered "great" was not limited to a strict criteria. The requirements for inclusion were rather simple.
      (1) must be deceased
      (2) must be a native of the County or
have a strong connection to the County
      (3) must have a legacy worth noting 

The exhibit has 2 points of entry designed so that you must go one way and come out another. There are 10 categoreis that are sectioned off througout the exhibit room including:

       ♦ Founders                               ♦ Medicine and Science
       ♦ Business and Manufacturing     ♦ Transportation
       ♦ Agriculture                                    ♦ Military
       ♦ Politics and Law                           ♦ Literature
       ♦ Entertainment and Arts             ♦ Education

Come learn about the greatness of these
numerous individuals from Granville County! 
Small Exhibit

James Webb was honored with a historical marker placed in Oxford, NC near Credle School on April 6, 2019.  Come see the contributions he made to the Space Program, depicted in our newest exhibit, "Space Hero:
James E. Webb"