Programs and Events


September 21, 2019: National Museum Day
Join us on Saturday, September 21 for a day of Museum fun.  
The Museum will be open from 11 to 3 providing a variety of activities throughout the day.

Past Programs and Events


August 27, 2019:  Yoga Amid the Art

   Yoga instructor led moves of relaxation, stretching and clearing the mind in the midst of beautiful works of local artists.  ​​​​​​​



August 1, 2019: More Art Please Opening Night

   The first session of the exhibit More Art Please opened to quite a crowd.  Artists were available to talk with visitors about art, while the visitors enjoyed their works.  The art spanned several media areas, including painting, drawing, photography, glasswork, polymer clay jewelry and fairy houses, felt bags, and tiling.  Refreshments and the beautiful gallery kept community members engaged and talking among friends.  Session two is forthcoming.

July 19, 2019: Understanding Black History as American History

    Omar Ali, Dean of Lloyd International Honors College and Professor at UNCG, engaged the audience in an understanding of Black History as American History.  Exploring the contributions of men and women of African descent, Ali demonstrated their significance in shaping America's narrative.  This project is made possible by funding from the North Carolina Humanities Council, a statewide nonprofit and affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.



July 15, 2019: Tea Anyone? The Sweet History of Iced Tea 

   Road Scholar Erin Coyle presented as community members sat, sipped and relaxed while learning how sweet iced tea came to be the favored drink of the American South.  While explaining the history of sweet iced tea, Erin was brewing up the ORIGINAL iced tea blend dating back to the Civil War era. This project was made possible by funding from the North Carolina Humanities Council, a statewide nonprofit and affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

June 22, 2019:  Bee Jubilee

    Granville Museum Staff took a bee exhibit with educational information and hands-on activities for children to the Bee Jubilee held at the Granville County Expo Center.  Promoting the museum in the community takes extra effort, but the day made it all worthwhile.​​​​​​​


April 6, 2019: Celebrating a Space Hero

   The North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources placed a NC Historical Marker in front of C. G. Credle Elementary School in honor of NASA mastermind James E. Webb. Continuing the celebration, the Granville Museum hosted a reception afterward at Harris Exhibit Hall. During the reception a new small exhibit, "Space Hero: James E. Webb”, was available for viewing. Interested families were able to participate in a hands-on learning activity called "Stomp Rockets". ​​​​​​​