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2019 Donors

Patrons $100+

 Mr. and Mrs. Jim Crawford Jr. In memory of Steve Dickerson & Richard W. Harris Jr.
 Rod and Amy Heintz
 Scott and Jennifer Phillips

John Penn Society $500+

 Bill Mitchell

2018 Donors

Patrons $100+

 George T. Blackburn, II. In memory of Judge Wilkinson.
 Mr. & Mrs. James Crawford, Jr. In Memory of Mary Ann Lumpkin’s & In Memory of Joanne Knott Watson.
 Mr. & Mrs. James Crawford, Jr. In memory of Richard R. Adcock.
 Andrea Endrusick
 Bonita Scott

John Penn $500+

 Mr. & Mrs. James Crawford, Jr. In Memorial Charlie Richards, Love Joy Dickerson Evans, Elaine Sievert, Pleasants Newton A. Everette James.
 Peter C. Johnson Donation from The Winston Salem Foundation advised fund by Peter and Karen Johnson
 Jackie & Herve Sergent
 Steven Sievert
 Ralph M. Tanner

Earl of Granville $1000+

 Steven Sievert

Lord Proprietors $5000+

 Triangle Community Foundationo Acknowledgement to Susan Frazier and Mary Cynthia Monday.