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Meeting Space Available!

We are here to serve the community! 
There are two small room meeting spaces available for reservation
that will accommodate up to 25 people. 
These can be utilized by your group for a donation of your choice.
Call  (919-690-0170) at least a week in advance to allow time to set up your space.


 Walking Directions to Granville Museum:
Looking at the front of Granville County Court House (which stands directly across from The Hub on the corner of Main and Hillsboro Streets) you will find Court Street just to the right.  Walk down Court Street to the
1860's County Jail.  The Granville County History Exhibit is housed in this building.  Harris Exhibit Hall is located
to your right as you walk through the Gilliam /Littlejohn Street parking lot to the old jail or to your left if you exit the old jail through the back door. Here you will find the main office, gift shop, a train exhibit and rotating exhibits depicting many topics of interest.

Driving Directions to Granville Museum:
Driving east on Williamsboro St. (heading down a slight hill), pass the Court House on your right.  Continue looking right, turning on Museum Lane, just before Sunrise Biscuit Company.  This lane leads you straight into Harris Exhibit Hall parking lot. There are a few parking spaces in front of this building. If these are filled, back out and weave through the lane, taking a right, then a left into a larger parking lot.  You can also reach the larger parking lot from Gilliam St. (Right turn off Williamsboro) or Littlejohn St. (Left turn off Main, if you're heading south).  The yellow marked spaces accommodate all day parking; the white marked spaces allow for only two hours of parking. 

Granville Museum

Harris Exhibit Hall (Main Office)
1 Museum Lane, Oxford NC 27565
Phone: 919-693-9706

Granville History Exhibit (Jail)
110 Court Street, Oxford NC 27565
Phone: 919-690-0170​​​​​​​

All mail to:  PO Box 1433, Oxford NC 27565.