September 24, 2019

More Art Please is an art exhibit that celebrates local Granville County talent. The idea for this exhibit stemmed from my interest in art but was mainly inspired by an interesting alphabet book I found at the museum. This book was created by a local artist Diana Marshall; what makes it special is its unique perspective. The alphabet book is about people from different countries portrayed by sketches of their faces instead of written facts. As she puts it best, "How they live can often be seen in their faces."

After looking through this book with nothing but amazement, I began to think of how many local unknown artists live in our community. In May, we began the search for local artists willing to participate in our upcoming exhibit. To my surprise we had an overwhelmingly positive response! There were so many submissions that I had to divide the artists into two sessions to be able to showcase all of them. Our main exhibit gallery was completely transformed in preperation for the grand opening night on August 1st. Pictured below you'll see the hardworking effort of the staff and volunteers. As a small non-profit organization, the staff has to wear many hats to fit the needs of our museum. 

Copyright (c) 2011. Diana C. Marshall, Oxford, NC 27565
Volunteer Painting Exhibit Room Walls
Really Tall Ladder Director Used To Paint Crown Molding
Assistant Director Helping In Exhibit Transition

The first session of More Art Please has received a lot praise, people are not only fascinated with the artwork but also with the artist biographies. Each story reflects something unique leaving you wanting to know more about the person behind the painting. Here is a little teaser of some of the artists featured in the first session:

My name is Mark Pace,

I was born and raised in Henderson, Vance County, NC.  I have painted and drawn for over 50 years.  After graduating from Vance Senior High in 1979, I attended East Carolina and UNC - Chapel Hill, majoring in art & history. After finishing in 1984, I worked as an art director and illustrator in the advertising profession in Raleigh, NC for 25 years.  In 2004, I started my own freelance advertising and illustration company. For the past ten years I have been the    North Carolina Room Specialist at the Thornton Library in Oxford, NC, and moved to Oxford in 2012. I now pursue art more as a leisure activity rather than a vocation. My work is rooted in realism. I favor less complex compositions and strive to find beauty in simplicity. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Artist Mark Pace pictured alongside one of his pieces "A Nail."
"Tulips" by Mark Pace

My name is Martha Stinson,

I am 72 years old and retired. After retiring, I spent time on a variety of arts and crafts. I made dolls, stuffed toys, quilts and an assortment of useful household odds and ends. It wasn’t until the last couple of years that I tried my hand at painting. I became ill and later was diagnosed with stage four non-small cell lung cancer. I was very sick for a while and became terribly depressed. I realized I had to do something besides worry and feel sorry for myself, I needed to find something to keep me busy and lift my spirits. I started painting just playing around with color and different subjects. My first serious project was to try and paint my daughters dog that had recently passed away, I surprised myself. I love painting animals, historical sites, books and old things. I have always had trouble with skies, clouds, and backgrounds, and now have become fascinated with sunsets and sunrises. ​​​​​​​

"Tired Out" by Martha Stinson
"Pond Neighbors" by Martha Stinson

My name is Dolores Wilkinson,

I have not always thought of myself as an artist although I have enjoyed drawing and painting all my life.  Everytime my grandfather gave me a dollar for passing my grade, I would buy a watercolor set.  It took me many years to learn how to do anything with watercolor.  My mother loved all sorts of crafts, all I seemed to get from her was her desire to paint.  I finally took lessons from Vance Granville Community College when I was 26, and an artist began to take shape.  Through the years I have painted mostly in oils, starting with landscapes.  Although I enjoyed it, I always wanted to paint people.  When I heard Leslie Johnson was teaching portrait painting at VGCC, I eagerly signed up and finally learned to paint portraits better.  When my grandson was five, I was showing him a blue heron at Kerr Lake.  I told him to come to the house and see one I had painted.  He looked at it and said, "Mema, are you an artist?"  I answered, "Well, I guess I am."  I have considered myself an artist for thirteen years since my grandson got me to acknowledge that I was.

"Covered Bridge" by Dolores Wilkinson
"Flaming Fall" by Dolores Wilkinson

The first session of More Art Please officially ends on September the 27th. If you're not able to get by Granville Museum to see that one, there is a second session opening to the public on October 11th. Members of the Granville County Historical Society will have an exclusive viewing of the exhibit on October 10th. If you would like to participate in exclusive events, become a member today! 

​​​​​​​Interest in being part of the art exhibit has continued, which is why I decided to add a third and final session so that nobody feels left out​​​​Don't miss the opportunity to get to know the art community of Granville County.

                                    Art promotes culture, stimulates tourism, and inspires our community.
                                                                          - Stephanie May (Director)