“Herndon Place”

The house was built in 1840. The architecture of the house is based upon the same architecture that the famous English architect, Sir Christopher Wrenn, used in the Capitol at Washington. The Ionic columns of the the dwelling give an atmosphere of dignified stateliness to the front and equally classic veranda. The interior is full of valuable marble fireplaces, exquisite chandlers, and a mahogany staircase. 

This home stayed in the family of the original owner Mr. Rhodes N. Herndon. When Mr. Herndon died he willed the place to his eldest brother who then bequeathed it to the next oldest brother and he to the next one until it had been owned in turn by four Herndon Brothers. Dr. H.C. Herndon, the last brother, who was the last of the immediate Herndon line left the property to his nephew Mr. W.H. Hunt. 

This property was eventually put on auction and was bought by Granville County. Where the house use to sit is now the Richard H. Thronton Library. 

Below is a slideshow of the images collected of the exterior and interior of the home.

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